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Haley Is My Hero

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

~ Christopher Reeves

Photo Gallery

Happy 9th Birthday Happy 9th Birthday Haley opening her "present". 49375217 It's a whistle! 49375218 The kind to go around my neck! 49375219 49375220 Peyton presenting a dozen roses When the twins and I were in the grocery store on this day, Peyton asked if he could give Haley some roses for her birthday. "Absolutely!" was my response! 49375221 Haley gets flowers Haley's brothers are so good to her! 49375222 My princess placemat! Thanks Judy! 49375223 Ice cream cake and cupcake Haley was excited for everyone to sing "Happy Birthday!" 49375224 Make a wish... She blew out the candle and then walked away from the cake and ice cream...not her "cup of tea". She requested a cheesecake for her birthday celebration. 49375225 Haley's Birthday Cheesecake! A chocolate cappuccino cheesecake, just as she requested...almost. All she requested was "cheesecake"... 49375226 Three days later...still blowing the whistle Mommy's patience is being tested with the whistle! 49375227 Haley and Peyton 49375228 A voice changer..more noise! 49375229 Bubbles, my favorite! 49375230 Parker and Peyton serenades Haley and Jenny These are the drums the boys made in art camp this summer 49375231 49375232 Sandbox! Jenny and Haley play in her sandbox. Love the matching cooling vests!! (Great find at 49375233 Hugs 49375235 Jenny and Haley Love this photo! 49375236 Time to eat! 49375237 Selma and Haley Selma is ready for any opportunity to help Haley with her burger! 49375238 Happy Birthday to Haley! 49375240 49375241 Make a wish, take two! She exclaimed after blowing out the candle, "I made a fish..." 49375243 She is actually eating it!! Yippee!! 49375244 Amy and Jenny 49375245 Present time! 49375246 Jenny gave her a stuffed puppy When I asked Haley the name of her new puppy I expected her to say, "Purple puppy". But she has named the new addition, "A Stuffed Animal"...too funny! 49375247 Another Etch-A-Sketch Haley has a knack for breaking these... I think this is her fifth one. 49375248 Hugs to Liz for the crown! 49375249 Bye Jenny! 49375250 Liz and Haley Liz is Jenny's older sister and wonderful all around young lady!! 49375251