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Haley Is My Hero

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

~ Christopher Reeves

Photo Gallery

Make-A-Wish Trip, Give Kids the World Make-A-Wish Trip, Give Kids the World Waiting to board the plane Haley's iFlip TV has been the greatest distractor. It kept them busy while we waited and while she flew. 42150169 Give Kids the World Welcomes Haley Smith 42150125 Our cottage with Mayor Clayton outside. 42150170 Haley relaxing at the La-Ti-Da Spa 42150122 Gettting a tatoo 42150431 A puppy dog! 42150256 Manicure, please! Purple nail polish, of course! 42150121 Peyton got a pirate skull and crossbones 42149964 Parker got a scorpion 42150174 On the carousel outside the Castle of Dreams 42150172 Meeting Mickey and Minnie for the first time GKTW had character greetings on some of the mornings we were there 42150171 42149963 42150167 Haley meeting Goofy The Amberville train station is the in the background 42150166 Hugs 42150129 42150173 Pluto 42150168 42150123 Say Cheese 42150126 Belle was wonderful 42150124 42150165 Dino-putt 42149725 42149361 42149582 42149583 42149851 42149581 Haley pretending to eat ice cream She enjoyed scooping it out of a cup and putting it on the cone more... 42149852 42149586 42149587 42149588 The GKTW Candy land game! 42149589 42149363 42149585 GKTW has the largest Candy Land game My aunt in the background with Bobby 42149198 The boys don't have trouble joining in on the fun 42149569 42149853 42149850 42149568 42149849 Each child gets to put a star on the ceiling at the Castle of Dreams 42149855 42149373 42149359