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Haley Is My Hero

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

~ Christopher Reeves

Photo Gallery

Dreamcatcher Therapeutic Horseback Riding Dreamcatcher Therapeutic Horseback Riding Ready to ride Haley on Indy, the second tallest horse at Dreamcatchers. 23122438 23122441 23122440 23122446 23122448 23122454 23122457 23122461 23122465 23122472 23122476 23122480 23122486 23122442 Grooming Haley gets a chance to brush Charlie before he gets saddled up. 27415508 Walking with Daddy 27415480 Tricia helps Haley up onto Charlie 27415509 Adjusting the stirrups. 27415481 Whoaaaa, Charlieeee! 27415512 Ready to play with the toys on the toy barrel! 27415514 First we need to meet B.J. He is Charlie's friend! 27415483 Working on core stability by throwing the ball through the hoop. 27415516 Haley's instructor, Tricia walked around Charlie and Haley had to aim for the hoop! 27415484 27415517 27415525 A little blurry, but you can see Haley's huge smile. She loved this! 27415526 27415527 27415518 Smaller ball now... 27415528 There are always three volunteers that work with the instructor. One leads the horse and the other two are at Haley's heels, just in case! Prayerfully nothing will ever happen on the horse. 27415529 27415520 All done! 27415531 Charlie greeting a new student. 27415523 Charlie with Barb 27415533 Haley giving Charlie a treat, ginger snaps! 27415545 Charlie loves the ginger snaps and took the bowl away! 27415538 27415541 Daddy saying hello to Charlie! 27415547