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Haley Is My Hero

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

~ Christopher Reeves

Photo Gallery

Haley and Family Haley and Family Selma and Haley 19461192 Haley (3), Parker and Peyton (8 months) 19461216 Haley with blonde curls at two. 19461218 First video EEG 19461219 Ketogenic diet days! Oh the memories....that is a pile of pure butter on her plate! 19463391 Haley and Mommy 2004 19463392 Purple is Haley's favorite color 19463393 Ready for fireworks 19463395 2004 family picture 19463422 Working with Daddy 19561963 Hang'in out with my bro' Parker and Peyton could fit in one swing... 19561956 Smith family in California before the taping of America's Funniest Home Videos 19561964 Christmas 2004 19561958 Christmas 2004 19561959 Family Hugs 19561981 Haley's 5th Birthday 19561957 Video EEG 2005 Having fun with play-doh 19561966 Video EEG 2005 Not having fun after multiple seizures...just want to sleep on my daddy 19561984 19561982 Halloween 2005 Haley would go on to be Little Bo Peep in 2006 and 2007.... 19561969 Christmas 2005 19561985 Video EEG 2005 Having fun painting 19561968 Our cousin Greg caught this alligator...Haley is fearless! 19561986 Haley and Daddy fishing off our sea wall 19561987 Haley after having her FIRST eardrum reconstructed with "brown bunny" 19561971 19561992 OBX August 2007 19561991 Outer Banks, NC. This is the picture on the Marlin Maniac II 19461220 19561993 19561995 19561973 19561972 19561994 Supergirl!!! 19561996