Meet Haley...

Haley has had uncontrolled seizures since she was 5 months old.   It was not until she was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a catastrophic form of epilepsy.  Haley's journey with Dravet has taken us on many unexpected twists and turns.  I am blessed to be her mom and see the goodness of others through her.

                               ~Lisa, Haley's Mom


Dateline NBC: "Growing Promise" (May 20, 2018)

Part 1: Recap, Haley and Jen Follow Up

Harry Smith recaps the Growing Hope episode from 2015.  He visits with Beth & Patrick and Lisa in the Northern Neck to catch up on how Jennifer and Haley are doing after three years of legally use CBD and THC-A oils.

Part 2: Tommy Follow Up & Epidiolex 

Harry gives a short history of cannabis and introduces Dr. Orrin Devinsky, NYU neurologist  and lead investigator for the Epidiolex trial.  A follow up with Teresa, Tommy's mom.  Tommy is using Epidiolex.

Part 3 Tamara & Senators Gillibrand & Gardner

Harry meets Tamara who suffers from chronic pain due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and her retired-military husband.  Then he travels to DC to meet with Senators Gillibrand (D-NY) and Gardner (R-CO).

Part 4:  Eugene Monroe & Opioid Epidemic

Eugene Monroe, former Baltimore Raven and self-proclaimed anti-drug "poster child" turned to cannabis as a replacement for Opioid drugs to manage his chronic pain.   

Part 5: Kannalife

Harry travels to Pennsylvania to meet with Douglas Brenneman, neuropharmacologist to discuss the science of marijuana.  He also speaks with CEO, Dean Petkanas, about the US Patent on the compound.

Part 6:  Finale

Harry gets a final word from Senators Gillibrand and Gardner.  Final remarks from Dr. Devinsky and the Epidiolex trial/FDA hearing.  There is the one "opposition" individual who still believes in research needs to happen.  Plus a final word from the families!

Dateline NBC: "Growing Hope" (2015)

Haley's Story (2016 Update)

This video captures Haley's journey from age five-months to shortly after her 16th birthday in 2016.  You can see how developmentally "normal" she is in the early years. and then see how the seizures took a toll  on her.  You also see the changes of the CBD treatment that improves her life.